Vortech supercharging systems are available
for the Kawasaki STX-15F, Yamaha FX H.O.
and Sea-Doo RXT/RXP through Riva Racing
of Pompano Beach, Florida. RivaRacing.com

This piece allows adjustment and precise fine tuning of the 454/502 MPI fuel injection system, which is currently non-adjustable.

Why is this important? When airflow through an engine is changed, the air-fuel ratio changes generally causing a lean condition (an example of this is when a modified exhaust system is installed). If the engine were carbureted a simple jet change would take care of any tuning issues. With the 454/502 MPI fuel injected Mercury Magnum engine there is no provision for fuel adjustment. Now, with the new Vortech Marine Fuel Optimizer fuel adjustment is possible.

The Vortech Marine Maxflow Fuel Optimizer is precision machined from T6061 T6 aluminum and anodized in corrosion resistant blue. This piece is detailed with the Vortech Marine logo laser engraved on the side. The Maxflow Fuel Optimizer attaches to the stock fuel pressure regulator (modification to the stock pressure regulator is required), allowing easy adjustment from 25-70 psig.

The Maxflow Fuel Optimizer comes with a new housing, retaining clip, spring, O-ring, brass adjustment screw, stainless jam nut, stainless mounting hardware and installation and tuning instructions. Installation should be performed by someone with a good working knowledge of Mercury MPI fuel injection system.

Blue Fuel Pressure Optimizer Part# 8F130-013
Red Fuel Pressure Optimizer Part# 8F130-015
Purple Fuel Pressure Optimizer Part# 8F130-017
Polished Fuel Pressure Optimizer Part# 8F130-018