Vortech supercharging systems are available
for the Kawasaki STX-15F, Yamaha FX H.O.
and Sea-Doo RXT/RXP through Riva Racing
of Pompano Beach, Florida. RivaRacing.com

April 27, 2005
RIVA Powered Sea-Doo RXP Dominates Race Series

Through the first four rounds of the Hot Water Tour [watercraft race series], RIVA Racing’s Kane Cahill has dominated three different classes aboard a RIVA prepped Sea•Doo RXP placing first in all but two out of fifteen moto’s competed in.

Equipped with RIVA Racing’s Stage II Package (see www.rivaracing.com) Cahill competed against other watercraft with equal or higher levels of modification in closed course, super course and open classes. “My RIVA powered RXP performed flawlessly. The mid-range and top-end power are incredible. It just keeps pulling and pulling”, stated Cahill after winning his tenth race of the series.

“Working directly with Vortech® engineers, our Performance Development Team was able to significantly improve what is already a strong and reliable engine”, states Dave Bamdas, owner of RIVA Racing. “We designed a high flow air intake system, a more efficient supercharger impeller and a greatly improved external intercooler system that delivers incredible performance without sacrificing reliability.”

To date RIVA has performed over one hundred hours of testing with their Stage II package using their in-house engine Dyno and Sea•Doo RXP test unit. Next in line is their Stage III Kit. Information to be released at a later date.

For more information about RIVA Racing Performance Packages please visit www.rivaracing.com or contact RIVA at 1-800-241-4544 (outside the US 954-785-2684).