Vortech supercharging systems are available
for the Kawasaki STX-15F, Yamaha FX H.O.
and Sea-Doo RXT/RXP through Riva Racing
of Pompano Beach, Florida. RivaRacing.com

Finally the only complete performance upgrade system available for the 454/502 MPI Fuel Injected engine.  The Maxflow EFI Power Pack has been extensively dyno tested and field proven.  Bolt on 25-35 more horsepower.  Speed increases of 2-5 mph have been documented with stock powered boats.

The kit includes:
» Precisely reprogrammed ECM with proper fuel and ignition mapping with a 5400-RPM rev-limit to take advantage of current propeller technology.  A more aggressive spark curve improving midrange acceleration.

» Vortech Marine Maxflow Flame Arrestor. Manufactured from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and equipped with an ultra high-flow form fit washable, lifetime air filtering flame arrestor element, flowing up to 35% more air than a stock MPI flame arrestor. Features all stainless mounting hardware.

» Vortech/MSD Marine ignition amplifier, produces a hotter, longer spark promoting more complete combustion for better fuel economy and more power. Helps cleanup a dirty MPI transom. Includes weather pack connectors for easy plug in installation.

» Vortech Marine Maxflow Fuel Optimizer. This piece allows adjustment and precise fine-tuning of the 454/502 MPI fuel injection system, which is currently non-adjustable.

VST (Vapor Separator Tank)
Fuel System EFI 1 ECM 454/502 Mangnum
Part# 4MA101-002
454/502 EFI Magnum
Cool Fuel 1 ECM
Part# 4MA101-003
454/502 EFI Magnum
Cool Fuel 3 ECM
Part# 4MA101-004
Cool Fuel 3 ECM
Part# 4MA101-006